System Platform 2017 issues and workarounds

Well the final version has been released but there are still a few wrinkles - here are some workarounds that worked for me:

  • Graphic does not display in InTouch, with the following error in the log "Graphic element reference list incomplete or corrupted.  Failed to get embedded symbol at index <n>Last known symbol reference = <symbolname>"
    Fix: Don't know how to fix this one, working on it.
  • Some boolean attributes in object instances to not have the correct True/False labels, even though they are locked in the parent.
  • Fix: Export the object to .csv, delete the object, and reimport from csv.
  • An object does not remember the object wizard choices that you select after saving, they are always as they are assigned in the parent template.
    Fix: Unfortunately, the only way I have found to fix this is to export all of the objects of that template, and rebuild the template.
  • None of the object descriptions are present after importing objects from one galaxy to another (on a different machine), or if creating the galaxy from a CAB template.  I have experienced this importing objects between 2014R2 and 2017, and between two 2017 galaxies.  I have also heard of a case between two 2014R2 galaxies.
    Fix:  Create a galaxy backup of the original galaxy.  Create a galaxy with the same name on the other machine, and restore the galaxy backup using SMC.  Object descriptions should now be present.  Note that this will not work with different galaxy versions.
  • An object randomly shows in a bad state, and spits out various error messages, but commonly 'sets are not allowed on a quarantined object'.
    Fix: Dump the object to csv, delete, and reimport from csv.
  • After upgrading from 2014R2SP1, the FSGateway is still shown in the Operations Integration Server Manager.
    Fix: Find the value of HKCR\ArchestrA.FSGateway\CLSID, then delete the registry key HKCR\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{clsid-from-previous-step-here}

To summarize - suggest that one tests carefully before upgrading!  I have spent hours rebuilding broken objects and hunting bugs so far.  Lets hope the first bug fix release is not too far away.

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