Attempts to deploy System Platform 2017 into production

Well System Platform 2017 was released, and as I anticipated there are still lots of bugs in the software.  I have had to create three four several support requests with Schneider so far in an attempt to resolve various issues, many of which are individually totally blocking any sort of deployment.  This is on top of the issues I have had in obtaining the correct licenses - it is somewhat embarrassing having to explain to Schneider employees how their own licensing system works, and it is frustrating having to wait a week to get a response to an email - since my initial request for a quote it has taken three months to get the numbers I wanted.

The SRs I have raised so far (in case anyone else experiences the same problems)

  • SR 103146922 - Corrupt Graphics.  Graphics in a new wizard object get corrupted after making changes to unrelated attributes, but still appear correctly in window maker.
  • SR 43612418 -Engineering Units don't appear as set in template at runtime.
    Unfortunately this had to be closed as I couldn't reproduce it on a clean install.  However on the affected machine not even a complete reinstall of the software resolves the problem.
    UPDATE: This looks like it went away after the aahsecurity issues were resolves
  • SR 43612419 - Invalid MxPropertyLockedEnum value - After adding attributes to an wizard object via selecting a wizard option, the attributes have an invalid MxPropertyLockedEnum value in the object browser.  This one isn't a big deal, but is still frustrating.
    UPDATE: A hotfix is available for this.
  • SR103147165 - Following installation of WSP2017, users cannot login to windows.  After installing WSP2017, the only users able to log in are the Local Administrator account, the users that installed WSP2017, and the ArchestrA user.  All other users are greeted with a black screen (windows explorer silently exits on startup).
    UPDATE: I believe this is a bug in aahsecurity.exe that causes this the unusual circumstance where HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID exists and does not have permissions assigned for BUILTIN\Users.  Workaround is either delete the key (only if it is empty!) before installing, or do it afterwards and run aahsecurity again. UPDATE2: Hotfix available
  • SR 103147203  - MxDataProvider service failure warning messages once a minute in the log, on a clean installation.
    UPDATE: This is related to the same permissions bug as above, same hotfix applies.
  • <SR Not Entered> - InTouch RT licenses do not work with InTouch View Apps, resulting in the error "This InTouch application could not acquire a ReadWrite license for Remote Desktop Services client".
  • <SR Not Entered> - Platform does not deploy, errors in the SMC log include "Could not Install MergeModuleMSI:DcomInstallPlatformMsi", "DeleteGlobalCacheSubFolders - failed" and "NamespaceMgr::LoadSecurityAssembly - LoadLibrary failed with Error 126".
    Fix: For me this issue was caused by LmxProxy not being able to be registered, which I discovered from the Windows Application log.  Copying LmxProxy.dll and LicAPINativeWrapper.dll from another machine to C:\Program Files (x86)\ArchestrA\Framework\Bin and running regsvr32 LmxProxy.dll seemed to fix this one.
  • <SR Not Entered> - After making changes to a platform, attempts to redeploy the platform fail, resulting in platform remaining shutdown and still in the changed state.
    Workaround: This seems to be a checkpointing issue.  Start the platform manually, then undeploy, then redeploy.

So my recommendation - test extensively before upgrading!

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  1. Maurice Says:

    Another to add to a growing list. The bind order of network adapters being used for communications between servers and HMIs have to be at the top of the list.

    Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
    Menu Advanced, Advanced Settings

    It is a product that keeps a lot of people employed trying to keep it running

  2. Raggles Says:

    Good to know! Now to work out why my historian node refuses to deploy...

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