System Platform 2017 Update 1

Here are some things that are still not fixed in Update 1:

  • Graphic overrides do not work in InTouch or OMI, unless they are pre-placed into a parent graphic.  This is my biggest pet peeve, I have 100s of symbols that are simply a container for an object graphic.  I honestly can't imagine what possible reason there is for deciding that this functionality is not important.
  • Graphics that are affected by wizard options do not propagate correctly in InTouch.  This functionality has not been implemented yet, and is of low importance apparently.
  • Exporting object to csv often results in errors on reimport.  Might have to put in a SR for this.

Here are some new things:

  • The SDK!  It's actually quite easy to use, although the samples that are distributed with the SDK might seem complicated if you aren't familiar with MVVM and WPF.  I have already ported the aaAttributeBrowser app to work with this.
  • Apps work much better.  Breadcrumb, Titlebar and Tree navigation apps in particular are quite a bit better than they were previously.
  • Lots of bugs fixed in the map app, but a still few present as well.

Some warnings about migrating an existing galaxy: when I migrated from 2017 to 2017 update 1, my objects got pretty messed up.  All my object instances gained all the attributes of their parent templates, even though most were disabled via wizard options.  When I exported all of my instances via galaxy dump and reimported, lots of them got imported with the wrong parent template which wasn't at all useful.  I ended up hosing all my objects and templates and importing them from my previous backup and things were well from there.

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