Removing the time limitation from MEGASync beta

For those that use the MEGA file sharing service, they recently released a beta version of the Windows Sync client, MEGAsync.  Unfortunately the beta version stopped working after a few days, due to an inbuilt expiry date.  I found the tool quite useful, so have taken the liberty of removing the expiry feature of the beta until a new version is released.  You can download it from!SRdAXZoa!bneCMWIY7t831e9JTE4NwR2vTkpRQSMaVdR7iQoc2IY.  You can work out for yourself what to do with it.  For those interested in details, see below. Note that they possibly made the beta expire, so they can safely change the API at some later stage.  Use at your own peril.


| January 19th, 2014 | Posted in Software |

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