Facetagging with Picasa, Windows, and OneDrive

I like to use Picasa for managing my ever growing photo collection.  It is quick and easy to tag people, has all the features I want regarding image editing (modest requirements there) and is generally a pleasure to use.  The only problem, is that it is horribly incompatible with other services when it comes to photo tagging.

The process I have come to use, is to edit and tag my photos in Picasa, convert the face tags to XMP using the avpicfacexmptagger tool, then uploading the photos to OneDrive (which will show the tags in the online image viewer).  The configuration I use is shown below:

facetaggingconfig One gotcha, is that if you delete a tag that Picasa adds automatically, it will add a tag labelled 'fffffffff' that you need to delete manually both from the file and the appropriate picasa.ini file.

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