Bypassing MiCOM S1 Studio password

MiCOM S1 Studio is a program for programming power system protection relays. This post outlines how the password protection feature can be bypassed, in the case that it mysteriously starts asking for a password that it never used to like it did for me...



I know that S1 Studio is largely written in .NET, so lets try reflection to see what gives:


Ok, so we are reading a hash string from Configuration.bin (this is stored in C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\MiCOM S1 Studio\ Knowing the hash obviously won't help me recover the password. Lets try to delete the file...


Ok well we can easily replace the hash with a known hash, so lets find the hash code:



Well this looks pretty straightforward, lets just copy the whole reflected class, and use it to generate a new hash!


After replacing the hash in Configuration.bin with our generated hash, we can now get into the application! Another option for getting around this would be to find the configuration options for S1 Studio, and manually set the "DisablePassword" setting. I did have a quick look for this, but couldn't find it quicker than it took me to do this!

Download the program here


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8 Responses to “Bypassing MiCOM S1 Studio password”

  1. Marko Says:

    Ty im PAC engineer, and use both S1 studio, and S1 agile. Without my seting the passwords both softwares req password (S1 S 5.3, S1 AGILE 1.2).

    Works for both,
    TY so much

    Best regards,

  2. Raggles Says:

    Yes it is a mystery as to why the password is magically turned on by itself, has happened to myself a few times now. Glad I could help!

  3. Dlshad HM Ali Says:

    Thank you it works perfectly and this is the sequence for applying
    How to reset password
    1- Run (S1StudioPasswordHashGen.exe).
    2- Inter new password (Recommended to be "password").
    3- copy the new hashcode file.
    4- press any key to close the program.
    5- Open C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\MiCOM S1 Studio$$Version*).
    6- Open configuration.bin file with notepad.
    7- replace the hashcode with the copied hashcode.
    8- close the configuration.bin file.
    9- open the S1 Studio and inter the new password (Recommended to be "password").
    10- After starting the programm, its strongly recommended to disable password in (Options/ Prefrences/application/password protection).
    11- Inter the password in old pasword and select dissable password then apply.

  4. Hazim Kadhim Says:

    Sir,I have micom studio S1 version 5.1.0 and try the above schedule , but the program micom studio still need a password.....
    please your advice as soon as possible

  5. Muhammaf firdaus Says:

    Thanks a lot sir. Its work

  6. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Maamari Says:

    Thanks alot dude. Worked like a charm.

  7. Tony8Sly Says:

    Thank, it worked fine

  8. Jetro Says:

    I have Micom S1 Agile software it never used to ask me Password before but now it ask me for password what do I do please assist

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