Mackenzie Biv poetry

Found carved into the wall of Mackenzie Biv:

I came in on a sunny day
thinking of the deer I'd slay
in piles they would lay their dead
and with these thoughts I went to bed

I woke up and I cast an eye
around the hills & around the sky
storm clouds up there overhead
guess I'll spend the day in bed

I ate & slept & sat around
while huey up there sent her down
creek was running kinda high
firewood wet, in short supply

For several days this was the score
eat & sleep & eat some more
and still the bloody rains came on
grub & baccy almost gone

I had another look outside
though I'd make it if I tried
to get back out to No 2
Mackenzie Biv to hell with you.

PS This took 2 wet days

Mackenzie Biv

Mackenzie Biv

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