The case of the files that wouldn't upload to OneDrive

I've been uploading man photos to OneDrive lately, and I ran into a couple of files that just refused to upload, with OneDrive saying that there was already a file with that name, when there definitely wasn't.  A quick check with Uncle Google didn't reveal anyone else that seemed to be having quite the same problem.  So I tried a  couple of things:

  1. Rename the file. Nope.
  2. Edit the file in paint (in case of some hash based index thing).  Nope.
  3. Change the filename and edit the file in case of a caching issue. Nope.

At this point I concluded that there must be some particular part of the file, possibly metadata of some sort that OneDrive really didn't like.  So I removed all EXIF, XMP and other metadata from the file, and bingo! It uploaded no problem.  A closer look at the data revealed something interesting, there was a tag called 'fffffffffffffffff' and an XMP people tag ''.  Odd.  I opened up the file in Picasa, and indeed the tag is there, but I don't see the people tag.  However, in Photo Gallery the people tag shows up!  Deleting the rogue people tag in Photo Gallery allows the photo to be uploaded.

It turns out, that if you remove an automatically detected face in Picasa, then go and convert all the people tags to XMP using  avpicfacexmptagger it will also convert that previously hidden tag.  It is these tags that OneDrive has a problem with, so one must be vigilant when converting people tags to XMP that you delete these hidden faces!


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