NZSS AGM Weekend 2015

Well it's not often one gets three days of clear weather on the coast, but that's exactly what we had this year for the NZSS AGM.  Despite the temptations to make the most of the weather and go climbing, I did end up going caving for all three days.  Saturdays mission was to Cataract Pot, with the aim of doing the (short) through trip to Myopia.  Finding the Cataract Pot entrance was straightforward enough, so we dropped a rope down the 40-something metre shaft, then tried to find the Myopia entrance.  Unfortunately we did not have the map with us, and as it turned out we were not looking in the right area, and thus didn't find the entrance, so we went back to Cataract Pot and dropped down what is an absolutely stunning pitch, with the water streaming down and sunlight filtering through from above.  Once on the deck we explored the muddy and sandy passages of the cave, and then traversed the awkward hand line into Myopia.   Myopia contains a large chamber of clean rock, littered with large blocks on the floor, it is quite awesome.  Because we were unable to drop ropes in from Myopia, we escaped back out the same way, jugging up what seemed to me a very bouncy rope which was slightly unnerving.

Sundays plan was to do a trip through Mahjong cave, with possibly another if time allowed.  As it turned out, Mahjong turned out to be quite elusive to find, but as we found a number of other interesting looking shafts we dropped in those for a look while our leader pondered on Mahjongs location.  A number of the shafts were much too deep (40-70?m) for our rope, so I'll definitely be heading back to check them out at a later date.  Eventually the eureka moment arrived where the location of the cave was remembered, and into the depths we went.  Mahjong is quite a small cave, only taking an hour or two to completely explore but it has a handful of pretty things to look at, notably a large curtain on the upper level and a stream of milky calcite.

Curtain in Mahjong

Curtain in Mahjong

With the amount of time we spend looking for the cave, we hadn't time to do another so it was off to the BBQ back at the CCB where I was somehow nominated for the Arch Nana award, but luckily there were plenty of other cave idiots to put me out of the running.

Monday saw yet another mission to Te Ana Puta, with the aim of once and for all trying to find all the rest of the cave.  Unfortunately for us it was high tide, and although we explored quite a lot of passage that we hadn't been down before, none of it seemed to match up with the survey.  We got down to the see entrances, but were unable to link them up with the cave we had explored from the south.  I think one more attempt at low tide ought to do it!

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