InTouch database corrector

I finally got sick of manually fixing our InTouch Tagnamse Database, so work has begun on a tool to automatically correct errors in a database dump.  Currently the tool deals to the following issues:

  • Initial Values that are larger or smaller than the engineering limits
  • Alarms (LoLo, Lo, Hi, HiHi) that overlap, or are outside engineering limits
  • Initial Values and Minor Alarm Deviations that are very small
  • Removal of tags with bad AccessNames

More features will be added as required/requested. Check it out on GitHub

UPDATE 24/1/17:  There is a fairly fundamental bug with this tool - it doesn't parse quotes or commas in the csv file, so if your description fields use quote or commas won't work.  A fix is in the pipeline.

Incidentally, if anyone else has had problems with "dde.cfg - out of disk space" errors which result in losing the access names I'd be interested to hear about it.  Our application doesn't appear to be corrupt  (it reimports fine), yet it still breaks every now and then.

| May 5th, 2013 | Posted in Foxboro, SCADA |

2 Responses to “InTouch database corrector”

  1. JCFC Says:

    Hi, WW has a tool to repair the database, and another tool to see the contents of the database. Maybe you could get them to get some ideas.

  2. Raggles Says:

    Thanks, I wasn't aware of this tool. Looks like it works directly on the database rather than an exported CSV. Sadly in my experience of dealing with Wonderware/Schneider, they don't care much for the input of small fish like myself. Even my distributor has trouble getting any traction with issues.

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