IDF Beta Compiler ready

A beta version of the IDF Compiler for x64 is now ready, as usual the source is on GitHub.  It will happily compile correctly formed IDF Calcs, if anyone notices any oddities please open an issue on GitHub or send a pull request.

Still to implement:

  • Syntax checking
  • Function parameter checking
  • Unary +/- operators (maybe?)

The windows upgrade script has been updated to include the IDF compiler for the two latest firmware revisions (C and E), if you use a firmware different to this your IDF calcs will not compile yet.  Note you can run the upgrade script on an existing installation and it should copy over all the new binaries (note that your syscfg database will be hosed).

| May 11th, 2013 | Posted in Foxboro, SCADA |

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  1. ismethj Says:

    I really appreciate if I can have a Windows 7/8 system config complete with IDF new compiler.

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