Some thoughts on the "solar tax" and the future of lines companies

First of all lets get the disclosures out of the way: I work for a lines company. Not one that charges any sort of "solar tax" at the time of writing.  Obviously these thoughts are my own.

Be warned, there is a bit of background in this text - enough I hope for someone with very little understanding of the industry to follow.

There has been a bit of noise in the New Zealand media recently about a lines company that has increased the daily charge for those customers with solar panels installed, and not unexpectedly there has been a bit of a fuss kicked up on social media about "greedy power companies" "resisting change" and being "threatened by emerging technology". I suspect a lot of this is just emotive spouting, but there also seems to be quite the misunderstanding by the general public about how our power system works, so I'd like to take a look at a few of these things to see if there is any truth to such claims.

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Where does your data live?

After hearing over and over again about people losing important data because something got stolen, lost or destroyed I did an audit of where all my data resides and who manages it just to make sure the same thing would be unlikely to happen to me.

I came up with the following diagram:


Whenever I create new content (document, photos from my camera etc) it goes into one of the buckets in this diagram (which corresponds to a location on disk). It will either sync automatically or on a weekly schedule to the other locations indicated. I came to the conclusion that my only real risk of data loss would be if my laptop and external hard drive were both home during the weekend, and the house burned down. Even then, I wouldn't lose everything but probably enough to make me mildly frustrated. So I intend to buy a small fireproof safe that I can store my external disk in while I am not at home.

Do you know where all your data lives?