Temple Col Canyon

I had been itching to get out to the mountains for weeks, so after a few failed attempts to recruit some other goats to join various missions I eventually cobbled together a group to go canyoning. I was quite keen on Twin Creek, but we settled on Temple Col in the end.

It was still fairly chilly when we arrived, but by the time we got up to the head of the canyon big yellow was out and it was fair toasty.  Wetsuits and harnesses were donned, then it was off down R1.  After the first three rappels, the bulk of the canyon is descended (vertically), but there is still plenty of shorter raps, the odd jump, and lots of pleasant boulder hopping before you get out.  In high flows some of the down climbs would be somewhat challenging, and some of the raps would be pretty full on so think carefully before you commit.  Sadly there is a lot of rubbish in the canyon from the ski field above - lots of wire, steel tube, crushed diesel tanks, and even a carriage from the goods lift.

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