I am an engineer with primary interests in the fields of electrical power systems, software, communications, IT and network security.  I also like doing outside stuff.


Occasionally I dabble in a few side projects when I can't find an existing tool that does what I want.  All my code is open source and goes on Github.  Here is a small selection of my more useful (but still very niche) projects.


The AttributeWrangler is a powerful tool for mass manipulating ArchestrA object attributes.  You can find, replace and update attributes based on regular expressions, as well as bulk update data via CSV file.  This can save hours of time manually editing the objects in the IDE.


protplot is a tool for plotting protection curves.  It is designed to assist protection engineers who don't have one of the large and expensive software packages available to them that would otherwise perform this function, which is typically the case for protection engineers in smaller distribution networks.

Attribute Browser

The AttributeBrowser is an ArchestrA App designed to show all the IO attributes configured for an ArchestrA Object.  If you don't need any fancy faceplate graphics, but still want a simple way to display your data, this app may be for you.

Crosswire Web Client

The Crosswire Web Client is an unofficial listen only web client for the crosswire dispatch software.  This can be useful for occasions where you may want additional people to be able to listen to your dispatch traffic but you do not have enough licenses available for the full desktop client.